The Atlas Review Chapbook Series
Published September 2019
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White Combine: A Portrait of Robert Rauschenberg

Major Arcana: Minneapolis

Negative of a Photo
of Fire

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White Combine: A Portrait of Robert Rauschenberg (The Atlas Review, 2019)

Negative of a Photo of Fire (Seven Kitchens Press, 2019)

Major Arcana: Minneapolis (Burnside Review Press, 2018)





"Delilah" — Academy of American Poets' Poem-a-Day (January 2019)

“Door Cento,” “Body Cento,” and “Time Cento” — DIAGRAM (March 2019)

“Nakedness and Fern Cento” — Guesthouse (forthcoming)

“Window Cento,” “Silent Cento,” “Sound Cento,” “Copy Cento”— Jet Fuel Review, Cento Folio, (Spring 2018)

“Empty Poem” — Tinderbox Poetry (Vol. 5, Issue 2)

“Consumption” — BOAAT (Jan./Feb. 2018)

“A Spell Called Home #29 & #40” — Memorious (Issue 28)

“Exodus” — Lambda Literary Poetry Spotlight (May 2017)

“How We Go on Coveting the Knife” — The Adroit Journal (Winter 2016)

“Aglow” — The Offing (July 2015)

“Amputation” — Thrush Poetry Journal (March 2015)



Print Only


“Memory of Summer Heat” — Washington Square Review (forthcoming)

“Meditations, with an Image Borrowed from Félix González-Torres”New England Review (Dec. 2018)

"[Home is a heart.]" — The Stinging Fly (UK) (Winter 2018-19)

“Empire” and “Autobiography Not in Drag” — West Branch (Spring/Summer 2017)

“A Spell Called Home #26” — Ninth Letter (Issue 4.1)

“Gunshot Shards of Tiny Steel Stars” — Best New Poets 2015 / Sycamore Review (Fall /Winter 2014)

“Epistle” — Pleiades (Summer 2016)

“Cipher” — cream city review (Volume 39.2)

“Barren” — The Journal (Summer 2015)





"Conversations with Contributors: Trevor Ketner" with Halee Kirkwood — The Adroit Journal (February 2019)

“A Conversation About Poetry and Tarot” with Airea D. Matthews and Hoa Nguyen — Catapult (February 2017)




"On A Symmetry by Ari Banias“ — On the Seawall (February 2019)

"Camp Marmalade by Wayne Koestenbaum” — Lambda Literary (June 2018)

Half-light by Frank Bidart” — Lambda Literary (January 2018)

“‘It is sad is it not’: Mary Ruefle’s My Private Property” — The Bind

When I Grow Up I Want to Be a List of Further Possibilities by Chen Chen”— Lambda Literary (July 2017)

Feder by Nathanael” — Lambda Literary (January 2017)

“Schematic: Renee Gladman’s Calamities” — Kenyon Review

Superior Packets by Susie Timmons” (microreview) — Boston Review (January/February 2016)

How to Be Drawn by Terrance Hayes” — The Rumpus (June 2015)




“Something Small and Heavy” — The Rumpus (June 2015)

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